The Instrumentation Group has long been a part of IIT Delhi's Centre for Biomedical Engineering. The group's mission is to promote cutting-edge biomedical engineering research and development. The group is unique in the field of Biomedical Engineering in that it offers graduate training and research experience in a variety of fields. At present, the Group consists of three professors with a wide range of research interests who are investigating the following thrust areas: • Neuromechanics By integrating computational biomechanics approaches with neural data to discover the underlying neural mechanism of gait equilibrium in healthy and clinical populations, the groups investigate the recovery and advancement of assistive devices for clinical populations such as an amputee, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, stroke and spinal cord injured patients. Furthermore, the group studies the neural characterization of balance and gait in various neurodegenerative diseases. • Lab-on-a-chip and Biosensors Where the groups look at non-invasive clinical biosensors, capillary electrophoresis microchip devices for clinical, environmental, and biopharmaceutical applications, microfluidic Lab-on-a-chip for PCR, and on-chip cytometry, on-chip COD analysis, pathogen detection biosensors, and an on-chip neurochemical analyzer. • Biomechatronics and imaging The group focuses on the development of complex biomechatronic and biomedical systems that incorporate diverse sensing paradigms, electronics, ultrasound imaging, signal processing, embedded hardware, and software to better understand human movement, neuromuscular disorders, and chronic disability in general.

Associated Faculty

Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Block-III, Room No. 398, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016