Biomaterials group integrated the concepts and skills from chemistry, materials science, and biology to design, synthesize, characterize, evaluate, and validate next-generation biomaterials to make a translational impact on improving human health. We work in the domain of nano-structured materials to improve their functionality for applications in biomedical implants, cancer diagnostics, and drug delivery. Our research interest is the development of bio-inspired and bio-derived materials to meet unmet needs in treating and diagnosing disease. Some of our research areas are: - • Cancer Immunotherapy. • Smart Functional Nanomaterials (drug delivery, biosensors and biomedical implant coatings). • Tissue Engineering. • Biomaterials and Bioengineering: new functionalized and bioactive polymeric materials. • Non-invasive clinical biosensors. • Biosensors for pathogen detection.

Associated Faculty

Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Block-III, Room No. 398, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016