Medical Implants

Medical Implants research group works for the development of indigenous medical devices to serve the Indian population. It focuses on developing affordable solutions for healthcare through a synergy of cutting-edge engineering and medicine. • Dental Implants: Designed from scratch, tested, and evolved in a period of 11 years supported by NMITLI, CSIR is the first dental implant system under the true spirit of “Make in India”. • Hip Protection Device: It is meant to prevent fracture of the hip joint due to a fall of an elderly above the age of 70 due to reduced bone density, Alzheimer, in balance in walking or geriatric problems. • Orthotic Knees Joint: Made by injection molding of selected polymer composites for mass production as low-cost solution with light weight as an offset and gravity drop lock for polio patients. Sponsored by the vision of Sir APJ Kalam and sponsored by DRDO. • Prosthetic Polycentric Knee Joint: Replacing metallic joints with mass produced injection molded knee joint for the above knee amputees. Initially single axis and then polycentric were designed and developed to perform with better gait and stability. • Bioresorbable Cardiac Stent: Fourth generation of CAD treatment, drug eluting and treating BVS is absorbed in the body within 1-2 years and do not require lifelong anti platelet medicines due to positive lumen modeling. Its designed and developed for the IMPRINT project in collaboration with AIIMS cardiology and sponsored by ICMR. • Breast Cancer Tumor Marker: Evolved to preserve breasts from mastectomy suffering from cancer tumor by adjuvant chemotherapy used to dissolve the tumor before surgery. During surgery minimally invasive procedure is devised due to titanium marker developed with nano tubes deployed during FNAC with a small 18 gage needle, no artifacts during imaging and therefore it guides the surgeon to preserve breast.

Associated Faculty

Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Block-III, Room No. 398, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016