PRADEEBA SRIDAR received her Ph.D. degree in the area of medical image analysis from the Department of Engineering Design, IIT Madras (IIT-M), Chennai. She was a joint cotutelle student with the School of Computer Science, The University of Sydney and spent approximately half of her candidature at both institutes. She was a recipient of the prestigious Endeavour Research Fellowship, in 2014. After her Ph.D., she was a visiting academic at the University of Sydney, where she deployed an automated framework leveraging the state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) and image processing techniques to identify specific images from the hospital repository and extract relevant clinical information. She is currently an Honorary Associate with the Sydney Medical School Nepean.  She worked as a senior project Scientist at IIT-M in 2021. Her research involves the design and development of novel algorithms using state-of-the-art ML techniques, design and deployment of working models in the clinical settings. It includes the collection of relevant knowledge and implementation of an efficient computing framework at the hospital, adherence to ethics and clinical standards.

Her research interests include the development of an automated framework for fetal ultrasound image analysis, retinal image analysis, translational engineering, signal processing and machine learning for medical image analysis.

Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Block-III, Room No. 398, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016