Programs & Courses

Programs@CBME: Ph.D and M.Tech.


Course No.TitleLTP
BML737Applications of Mathematics in Biomedical Engineering200
BMV703Basic Biology & Physiology100
BMP743Basic Biomedical Laboratory004
BMV701Basic Electronics100
BMV702Basic Mathematics for Biologists100
BMV700Biomechanical Design of Medical Devices100
BML760Biomedical Ethics, Safety and Regulatory Affairs200
BML740Biomedical Instrumentation300
BML735Biomedical Signal and Image Processing202
BML830Biosensor Technology302
BML850Cancer: Diagnosis and Therapy300
BMV840Emerging Biomedical Technology & Health Care100
BML770Fundamentals of Biomechanics300
BML710Industrial Biomaterial Technology300
BML700Introduction to Basic Medical Sciences for Engineers300
BML736Mathematics for Biomedical Engineers100
BMV705Mechanics of Biomaterials100
BML741Medical Device Design204
BML720Medical Imaging300
BML790Modern Medicine: An Engg. Perspective210
BML771Orthopaedic Device Design200
BML750Point of Care Medical Diagnostic Devices300
BML800Research Techniques in Biomedical Engineering300
BML815Selected Topics in Biomedical Engineering200
BML810Tissue Engineering202
BMV870Vascular Bioengineering110

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