Consultancy Projects (CW) details of the last 3 years

CodeTitlePI/COPISpon. Orgn.Value(Rs.)
CW05312Evaluation of Rehabilitation Devices for the Spinal Cord injury patientsSNEH ANAND Rs.150000
CW06111Analysis and Testing of Polymeric Samples Submitted by Department of CustomsHARPAL SINGH Rs.47615
CW06430Analysis & Testing of Rubber CompoundsHARPAL SINGH Rs.18519
CW06483Analysis and Identification of Rubber CompoundHARPAL SINGH Rs.18519
CW06689Analysis of Rubber CompoundHARPAL SINGH Rs.18519
CW06848Analysis of Rubber CompoundHARPAL SINGH Rs.37037
CW08987Analysis of Polyester Bonded FabricHARPAL SINGH Rs.22273
CW09131Technical Opinion & Testing of Samles of Polyester FabricHARPAL SINGH Rs.22274
CW09132Technical Openion and Testing of Samples and Interpretation of Results of Polyester FabricHARPAL SINGH Rs.22274
CW09601Identification of Polymethyl Methacrylate MonomerHARPAL SINGH Rs.22250
CW09745Evaluation of UV Stability of Air Born Warning SphereHARPAL SINGH Rs.25031
CW10287Determination of Biodegradability of Polyurethane Foam PanelHARPAL SINGH Rs.20000
CW11675Development of Process for Total Haemoglobin and Carboxyhaemoglobin Level Quantification in Whole BloodVEENA KOUL Rs.63846