During 2018

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 2018

Student NameResearch TitleSupervisor Name
Barman, Tarani KantaBiological evaluation of a novel oxazolidinone and its systemic delivery using biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles against staphylococcus aureus infections"Singh, Harpal (Prof.)-CBME, Raj, V. Samuel (Prof.)-SRMU"
Deshpande, SonalUnderstanding nanomaterial-cellular interactions for drug delivery applicationsSingh, Neetu (Asstt. Prof.)-CBME
Chandra, AnilCell microenvironment pH- sensing in 3DSingh, Neetu (Asstt. Prof.)-CBME
Kumar, AvinashTheoretical and experimental studies on textured surfaces for reduction of drag and inhibition of bacterial adhesion in microfluidic and biomedical devices"Datta, Subhra (Asstt. Prof.)-ME, Kalyanasundaram, Dinesh (Asstt. Prof.)- CBME"
Swami, Piyush Intelligent system for diagnosis of epilepsy usingbrain signals"Sneh Anand (Em Prof.)-CBME, Panigrahi, B K (Prof.)-EE, Santhosh, Jayasree (Prof.)-CSE"
Singh, RamandeepSurgeon specific ergonomic instruments for minimally invasive neurosurgery"Sneh Anand (Em. Prof.)-CBME, Suri,Ashish (Prof.)-AIIMS,"
Kaur, AvinashNucleic acid based method for the rapid diagnosis of salmonella typhi and paratyphi a"Kalvanasundaram, Dinesh (Asstt Prof.)-CBME, Jha, Sandeep Kumar (Asstt Prof.)-CBME"
HarshitaStudies on filled acrylate based dental restorative composites"Ray, Alok R. (Prof.)-CBME, Satapathy, B K (Prof.)-Prof.)-DMSE"
Malik, SarulNon-invasive approach for estimating fasting blood glucose levels using saliva as a biofluid"Anand, Sneh (E. Prof.)-CBME, Gupta, Shalini (Assoc Prof)-CHE"
Chawla, ShikhaDevelopment of in vitro scar models"Ghosh, Sourabh (Prof.)-TT, Ray, Alok R (Prof.)-CBME"
Kumar, DineshDevelopment of immunoassay for detection of prednisolone in serum using horseradish peroxidase and colloidal gold as leb"Shrivastav, T G (Prof.)-NIHFW, Singh, Harpal (Prof.)-CBME,"
Narayan, Nehate ChetanSynthesis and evaluation of redox sensitive polymeric nanocarriers for drug delivery in cancer therapy"Koul, Veena (Prof.)-CBME, Haridas, V (Dr.)-CHY"
Joy, JincyStudies on the development of electrospun trilayered scaffold for vascular tissue engineerin"Gupta, Bhuvanesh (Prof.)-TT, Ray, Alok (Prof.)-CBME,"
Dhyani, VartikaChemical Strategies for the manipulation of material's biological propertySingh, Neetu (Dr.)-CBME
Sengupta, AnirbanQuantitative dce-mri for segmentation and grading of gliomaSingh, Anup (Asstt Prof.)-CBME