During 2016

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 2016

Student NameResearch TitleSupervisor Name
Lale, Shantanu VijayDevelopment of stimuli responsive polymeric nanosystems for cancer therapeuticsKoul, Veena (Prof.) CBME; Bharti, Alok Chandra (Prof.) DMO, University of Delhi
Bansal, VivekDevelopment and evaluation of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles and aluminum based admixture formulations for vaccin"Singh, Harpal (Prof.) CBME, Brahmne, H.G"
Nagananda, M SInnovative thechnique to enhance psycho-cognitive parameter assessment in pregnancy"Sneh Anand (Prof.) CBME, Sengupta, Amit -CBME"
Dalela, ManuSynthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of poly (styreneco-maleic anhydride) as a drug delivery vehicle for cancer therapySingh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME
Sinha, Raj KumarDevelopment and evaluation of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles for chemo and peptide delivery in cancer therapySingh, Harpal. (Prof.) - CBME
Gupta, DikshiDevelopment of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles for concomitant delivery of paclitaxel and oncogenic peptide for cancer therapy"Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, Kharbanda, Surendra (Scientist) - USA"
S. T VeerabhadrappaAssessment of autonomic response and heamodynamic parameters using heart rate variability and pulse signals"Vyas, Anoop Lal (Prof.) - IDDC, Anand, Sneh (Prof.) - CBME,"
Shukla, VasundharaDevelopment of polymer-peptide-plasmid DNA dual nanoparticles for cancer therapy"Singh, Harpal (Prof.) -CBME, Ganguli, Munia ( Scientist E-11) -CSIR"