During 2013

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 2013

Student NameResearch TitleSupervisor Name
Bhattacharjee, Maumita Multi-lamellar silk fibroin based scaffold for intervertebral disc tissue engineering "Ray, Alok R. (Prof.) - CBME, IITD; Ghosh, Sourabh (Assoc. Prof.) – TT, IITD"
Patra, Shamayita Studies on preparation of biocomposite scaffolds for small diameter blood vesselregeneration "Ray, Alok R. (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi; Gupta, Bhuvanesh (Prof.) -TT, IIT Delhi."
Sharvan Kumar Real time physiological and morphological profile based feto-maternal monitoring using electrical impedance tomography "Anand, Sneh (Prof.) -CBME ,IITD; Sengupta, Amit (Adj. Prof.) -CBME, IITD"
Modugumudi, Yogeswara Rao Virtual environment effects on social cognitive profiles of autistic children "Anand, Sneh (Prof.) -CBME, IITD; Jayasree Santosh (Prof.) -CSC, IITD"