During 2011

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 2011

Student NameResearch TitleSupervisor Name
Gandhi, Tapan Kumar Behavioral & Neurophysiological correlates of object representation and evidence of neural plasticity Anand, Sneh (Prof.) CBME , IIT Delhi
Sinha,Pawan (Prof.) MIT, Cambridge
Santosh, Jayashree (prof.) CSC, IIT Delhi
Kakkar, Dipti Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of poly (ethylene glycol) based polymeric systems for tuberculosis and cancer therapy Singh, Harpal (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi
Mishra, Anil K. (Scientist F & Joint Director ) - Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences, DRDO Delhi
Jaiswal, Maneesh Hydrogel based scaffolds for wound healing applications Koul, Veena (Dr.) CBME, IIT Delhi
Dinda, Amit Kumar (Dr.) AIIMS, New Delhi
Gupta, Asheesh (Dr.) DIPAS, New Delhi.
Gulati, Nany (nee Kumar) Evaluation of temperature sensitive polymeric nanoparticles for cancer targeting Koul, Veena (Dr.) CBME, IIT Delhi
Dinda, Amit Kumar (Dr.) CBME, IIT Delhi
Joshi, Deepak Contra lateral limb controlled prosthetic knee joint Anand, Sneh (Prof.) CBME , IIT Delhi
Ribeiro, Rahul (Assist. Prof.) ME , IIT Delhi
Srivastava, Sakti (Prof.) CBME , IIT Delhi
Thakral, Naveen Kumar Design And Evaluation Of Organ Specific Drug Delivery System Ray, Alok R. (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi; Majumdar, Dipak. K. (Prof.) - Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research