During 2004

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 2004

Student NameResearch TitleSupervisor Name
Singh, Bhupal Nonlinear model of the human craniospinal fluid system Anand, Sneh (Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi )
Vigneshwaran, N. Biochemical and biophysical characterization of hemoglobin-advanced glycation end product and its relevance to diabetes mellitus Gohil, N.Karmakar (Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi )
Amit Kumar Optimal electrochemical enhancement of transdermal insulin delivery using polyacrylamide based hydrogel patches Anand, Sneh (Biomedical Engineering - IIT Delhi )
Syed Yawer Husain Effect of hemodynamic forces on Arterial wall biochemical, funtional and structural Properties Ray, Alok R. (Prof.) - CBME, IIT Delhi