During 1995

PhD Degree Awarded to the students during 1995

Student NameResearch TitleSupervisor Name
Sridhar, V A study of functional electrical Cochlear stimulation: an extra-cochlear approach. Guha, S.K. ( CBME - IITD ) Sneh Anand ( CBME - IITD )
Sengupta, Amit Biotechnological study of pathophysiology of the uteroplacental system in pregnancy and its related complication of pre-eclampsia.  
Singh, Dinesh Kumar Chemical modification of Chitosan for biomedical applications. Ray, Alok R. ( CBME - IITD )
Ghiyasvand, M S A study of control signals for below elbow arm prostheses. Guha, Sujoy Kumar ( CBME - IITD ) Sneh Anand ( CBME - IITD )